Parking Structures

Safe & Functional Solutions

Structured parking is about more than vehicles; it’s about the people that use them. Will they be able to access it easily? Can they get in and out quickly? Do they feel safe?

Choate’s experience in delivering over 12 million square feet of structured parking solutions has equipped our team with the knowledge to answer these questions and turn your facility into a valued infrastructure element.


Providing the perfect parking structure is an exercise in teamwork. It’s not only about arriving at the correct design from aesthetic and functionality standpoints but also delivering a constructed solution that allows for optimal vehicular flow, is cost viable, and will provide the highest rate of investment return. Our team of parking construction experts can walk you through the cost and schedule drivers, equipping you with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions with regard to your overall vision. By analyzing multiple cost scenarios, we can quickly advise you on the right structural system, framing layout, foundation, stall count, and architectural façade treatments that fit within your budget.

When it’s time for your structure to take shape, we will ensure that it is not only constructed with the highest quality but delivered on time and on budget. Form will combine with function and we will bring to reality your vision of a long-lasting, low-maintenance, profit-producing structure.

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