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Interior Construction & Special Projects

The interior of a facility speaks silent volumes to its inhabitants. It conveys culture to employees. It speaks of luxury, quality, or comfort to hotel guests. It offers quiet efficiencies to support the operations of an industrial space.


Choate Interior Construction retains a repeat clientele rate of 96%, representing those accustomed to the high caliber our interior teams consistently deliver.


Solutions For Every Type of Project

Specializing in renovations, adaptive reuse, expansions, and additions, Choate has completed more than 1.6 billion square feet in this arena where the small stuff counts and aggressive schedules are a way of life.

Delivering Quality, Beginning to End

Choate Interiors’ reputation for innovation, quality construction, and inventive solutions are inherent in every project. No project is too small for creative value engineering nor too large for an intricate schedule. From the elaborate inlay of a patterned terrazzo floor to carving in a multi-level monument stair, Choate Interiors has it covered.

Choate’s breadth of interior and specialty project work includes a variety of spaces:

    • Automotive
    • Corporate & Financial
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Industrial/Distribution
    • Institutional
    • Retail
    • Science & Technology
    • Senior Living

"We have been so impressed with every aspect of your operation. We assumed a big company couldn't scale down to a project like ours and remain cost effective. Not only did Choate do so, but during the process of our job, it was clear that you had our best interests in mind and were helpful beyond the call of duty."
Nick Purdy, President & Founder, Wild Heaven Craft Beers

If you’re considering an interior renovation or special project, ensure you have a clear understanding of these critical success factors:

Am I getting a dedicated interior construction staff?

Choate offers a fully autonomous, dedicated department of Interior operations, management, and support staff. We will also ensure out of this team, you’re clear on your direct point of contact for the duration of the project.

What is my contractor’s approach to safety?

Primarily working in occupied spaces leaves no room for error.

Choate’s OneLife safety culture covers the technical components of an excellent safety program but takes it one step further, directly impacting the emotional and behavioral drivers that affect decision making.

Will my contractor be a good reflection of me within the space?

It tends to be close quarters when working in occupied spaces.

Excellent relationships with key stakeholders are a given, but what about the surrounding building tenants? Landlords, designers, and engineers? Local municipal personnel? Choate understands our involvement affects a reputation beyond just our own.

In addition, dedication to the building’s working schedule is key; Choate will actively manage noise, cleanliness, construction traffic, temporary protection, and worker segregation to minimize impact on surrounding tenants.

I love my current AV / furniture / security vendor. Can my contractor work with them?

Regardless of the vendor, excellent communication and coordination with our owners’ preferred vendors not only ensures a smooth project, but that again, we are a good steward of our clients’ needs and reputations.

How will my contractor handle an unexpected challenge?

The key is to avoid unexpected challenges from the very start. Early contractor involvement is key; prior to schematic design stage, Choate can work with the team to develop an executable budget, identify long-lead items, analyze the space, and manage the schedule from day one. Our VirtualWorks team is also a valuable asset, when appropriate, offering early three-dimensional viewing, clash detection and existing conditions analysis.

Should challenges still occur, let’s instead call them “opportunities.” Opportunities to provide creative, solutions-oriented action. Opportunities to rely on proactive communication and positive relationships. Opportunities to get the job done, no matter what, and opportunities to ensure that client comes calling again.

Reputation is Everything.


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