Building the Best, Together.

Building the best working environment, like building the best structures, takes a team effort. Thanks to the unwavering dedication of our subcontractors, Choate is honored to hold the title of Nation’s Safest Contractor, presented by The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). It’s by working together that we are able to maintain the highest standards of safety on each jobsite, ensuring everyone returns to their families safely.

It’s no coincidence Choate regularly works with the most well-respected subcontractors and vendors in the construction industry. Excellent people deliver excellence, and we take great pride in fostering long-term relationships with those who share our commitment to safety, integrity, quality, and hard work.


Subcontractor Registration

If you are a new subcontractor interested in working with Choate, please fill out the Subcontractor/Supplier Prequalification General Inquiry form located at It is our goal to provide interested firms with the opportunity to compete on projects for which they have the experience, financial strength, and manpower to successfully complete, pending successful prequalification.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us at or (470) 763-7780.

Discounted Safety Training for Subcontractors

Choate offers a variety of training options through at discounted prices for the subcontractor community, including OSHA 30 Hour and OSHA 10 Hour courses in both Spanish and English. For more information, click here to view our flyer.


Electronic Billing

Choate Construction Company accepts electronic applications for payment from vendors with subcontracts and purchases orders. In order to submit billings electronically, the company must sign up for electronic billing (see “How to Sign Up” below) and have a current contract in our system.

If your company does not have a contract and are billing on an invoice, please submit your invoice to

The application for payment information is calculated directly from our financial system. Therefore, there may be a delay between when:

  1. Information is received.
  2. It is reviewed and processed.
  3. It appears on the electronic form.

Electronic Billing

How To Sign Up

Step One: Sign Up For Electronic Billing & Signature

Who needs to sign up?
Each company is only required to sign up for electronic billing once; however, anyone who completes or signs billings (including witnesses) for the organization will need to sign up for an electronic signature login. Companies may have multiple logins for different employees within their organization. Each login must have a unique username and password and cannot contain the “$” symbol.

How do I sign up?
Be sure to have your company’s tax ID # available and complete the Payment Application System Access Request form. Keep the user name and password selected in a safe place for future billings. If you forget your username or password, here are the instructions to update your password.

Step Two: Submit Application For Payment

Have the user name and password previously created available.

For projects in the Carolina offices:

Subcontractor Pay Application – Carolinas

For projects in the Georgia offices:

Subcontractor Pay Application – Georgia

Additional Information

  • If the contract or change order information does not autofill correctly on the application for payment, please contact the project administrator for assistance. Billing over the contract amount shown on the application for payment is not permitted.
  • If required, attach Schedule of Values, lien waivers, and other backup with the application for payment by using the “Attachments” button on Exhibit “D”, page two of the pay application form for Carolina Offices or page three for the Georgia offices.
  • If Exhibit “D” has compliance items that have not been completed or insurance that has expired; submit the information as soon as possible or contact the project administrator for assistance.
  • Lien Waivers: Exhibit “E” or Exhibit “F” Subcontractor waiver should be submitted with each application. When required, submit Exhibit “E” or Exhibit “F” for your Suppliers or Vendors listed on Exhibit “D” of the application for payment.
  • If lien waivers for Suppliers or Vendors listed on Exhibit “D” are not attached, the application will be placed on payment hold. We will place a hold on the application until all Supplier and Vendor waivers are received. Submit Lien Waivers for Suppliers and Vendors directly to the project admin if application has been submitted. Include the subcontract # and pay application # the lien waiver is associated with when submitting separately.
  • Line 6, “Total Previously Certified” of the application for payment will autofill but is editable in the event that a previous pay application has not yet been processed in our financial system.
  • Prior Payments amount will autofill but is editable.


  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.