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Building Value through Technology

Dynamic, captivating, impressive…just plain cool. Cutting-edge technology can certainly dazzle.

But let’s get beyond the dazzle; knowing how and when to use technology ensures value is derived and applied to the project and your bottom line.

Increased coordination. Higher efficiency. Better buildings.
If you're ready to embark on your next project, we have a bevy of virtual solutions tailored to suit your needs.

Let us show you how.

A few of the Virtual Solutions within our Choate Tool Belt include:

Building Smarter, Building Better

Choate's VirtualWorks team is enamored by technology for good reason. If a new tool can enhance the quality of your facility, help create a safer jobsite, or truly improve the preconstruction and construction processes, they get to push it to its limit. They also take great pride in educating preconstruction, operations, and on-site teams to implement virtual technologies effectively throughout a project’s lifespan.

By combining model-based digital layouts with 4D scheduling, 3D laser scanning, and a host of other applications, VirtualWorks is able to help resolve potential in-field conflicts, reduce uncertainties, and turn challenges into opportunities -- saving you time and money by allowing for quicker, seamless delivery.

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Siloed Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) departments have become relics of the past. By integrating VDC into every part of the project pipeline – and within every department – the disconnected teams of old have been replaced by a new breed of dynamic construction professionals. They are fully engrained in the VDC process and trained to recognize how, when, and where to use intelligent technology to maximize project outcomes.

Through ConTECH, Choate’s construction technology certification program, Choate’s employee-owners are empowered to adeptly leverage advanced digital tools, methods, and workflows to take command of today’s technology-rich construction environment.

The multi-tier program features four levels of competency (Associate, Professional, Expert, and Master) that align with four role-specific career paths (preconstruction, field management, project management, and business development).


Participants of ConTECH build upon critical knowledge areas (e.g., Laser Scanning, 3D Models, 360-Degree Photography) and foundational skillsets (e.g., demonstrate the basics of model navigation, laser scanner setup and operation) within each path as they progress through the program. Actual project experience provided by hands-on and virtual, guided instruction, creates a well-rounded, ConTECH certified construction professional.

  • Delivers a team that thoroughly understands the latest in construction technologies and how to wield them to ensure operational excellence and project success on behalf of clients.
  • Saves time and cost through proactive solutions to potential project challenges.
  • Elevates the quality level of work through early coordination of critical trades.
  • Circumvents traditional “field-measure-and-fabricate” process through early 3D modeling, thereby reducing supply chain impacts to project delivery.
  • Streamlines the communication process with all team members by using the latest in visualization technology.

"Our Virtual Construction team makes a focused effort to bring cutting-edge tools and technology into classrooms and to STEM events regularly. It's amazing to see the excitement building in students' eyes when they realize the construction industry is nothing like they ever imagined."


Learn how our culture impacts how we work

Team Member Profile

Oscar Chica

Virtual Construction Manager

After trading the sandy beaches of Miami, FL, for the Palmetto state’s coastline, Oscar jumped head first into the role of Virtual Construction Manager for Choate Charleston. He is a proud graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a degree in architecture and has been in the design and construction industry for a decade.

What’s the best part about your job?

It’s completely dynamic nature. I could be creating a 3D logistics plan with our Preconstruction team one minute and walking through the model in our VR goggles with stakeholders the next. I love being able to push the envelope, and ultimately myself, every single day.

What is your favorite tool within Choate’s virtual services tool belt?

Our laser scanner. The ability to capture reality and adapt to it is crucial in not disrupting what mustn’t be. I am hoping to get the opportunity to work on historical projects and incorporate our scanning workflow.

When you aren’t working, you are…

With family. My wife and 2 children are my world. I would not be if it wasn’t for them.

Our VirtualWorks department transforms the way we communicate with our clients, design team partners, and subcontractors. These are just a few ways we can provide virtual solutions for construction to increase coordination, efficiency, and quality for your next project.

3D & 4D Site Analysis

Armed with AGTEK and SITEOPS software, Choate produces cutting-edge 3D and 4D models to thoroughly examine a site. In Design-Build and preliminary budgeting scenarios on undesigned sites, SITEOPS provides an unmatched efficiency and “broad brush” picture for our clients. AGTEK, however, shines on fully designed sites when geotechnical information is available, providing value engineering data to help the engineering team with redesign.

4D Model-Based Scheduling

By combining building information models and the project schedule, clients are able to watch the schedule come to life through 4D animation. Once a 4D schedule has been created, the team can analyze alternative schedule paths to find the best method for the project.

3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanners allow Choate to precisely capture as-built conditions by recording all elements of the building and translating them into point clouds. These point clouds are then used in conjunction with our Building Information Models (BIMs) to help understand the new design within its existing context or to verify installed components.

3D Constructability & Waterproofing Models

The VirtualWorks team creates individual 3D computer models of detailed project areas to study constructability. These highly intricate models allow the entire team to understand how the pieces fit together and are used as a way to communicate about a specific part of the project with designers and subcontractors.

As-Built Modeling & Facility Management

Building owners and operators can benefit from the project models and data collected during the design and construction phases. Information and data about the building’s spaces, systems, assets, and components are recorded and updated during the construction process. This data is then passed along to the owner to import into their own facility management (FM) software. The information contained in as-built and FM models are a considerable time saver and can revolutionize the way owners operate their facilities.

If desired, our teams can provide an As-Built BIM for usage by Facility Management professionals, including any required COBie specifications.

Model-Based Digital Layout

Using the Building Information Models, we are able to push BIM to the field through model-based layout. This process allows for the placement of any modeled building component with extreme accuracy, resulting in watchmaker precision and the highest levels of quality control when coordinating critical components and/or equipment.

Spatial Coordination & Clash Detection

Once a Building Information Model (BIM) has been created, Choate uses software to verify, coordinate, and check the modeled building components and systems against one another. This process is typically done before the fabrication of components has begun, ensuring all parts of the building fit together correctly.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

With a fleet of unmanned aircraft systems at our disposal, we’re able to gain unprecedented data about your project in a manner that is both safe and efficient. Otherwise known as drones, these leading-edge tools provide most impressive aerial insights. From simple progress tracking to more complex 3D site mapping, we’re able to enhance nearly every phase of the construction process. Let us show you how this data-rich technology can improve your bottom line from high above.

Choate Construction Company is fully compliant with all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for the operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems commercially.


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