Proud To Be 100% Employee-Owned

Our spirit is passionate to the core and our dedication unwavering. When you have this much skin in the game, devotion to success is natural. That’s what it means to be 100% employee-owned.

It’s not just another way of doing business;
for us, it’s personal.

Thinking and Acting
Like Owners


Following that implementation, our employees became much more than figurative partners; they share in the financial and operational success of our company in ways that few do. Employees receive tangible long-term retirement benefits as Choate prospers, benefits which extend beyond our 401(k) profit-sharing program. A participative management and “all in” approach has also resulted in intangible benefits, including:

      • Increased collaboration and productivity
      • Higher job satisfaction levels
      • Employee retention rates exceeding the industry average


Learn How ESOPs Work

Sharing Success to
Drive Success

Employee ownership allows for the sharing of Choate’s success with employees while also remaining an independent, internally operated company.

Keeping the business “in the family” not only complements our core values and mission, it honors and supports the people who’ve built this company – those who continue to drive all we do and the vibrant culture we keep.

F E A T U R E D |
Our team members are proud to own the company, routinely finding ways to show their spirit by emblazoning “100%” across a variety of surfaces and a multitude of events!

Choate operates like a giant family, which breeds a unique loyalty. Now, the ESOP is icing on the cake! I'm honored to serve on the ESOP Communications Committee to further Choate's employee ownership culture.

Mike Nickel, Superintendent

Enhanced Ownership

The enduring benefits of employee ownership extend far beyond our staff — to our clients, vendors and the communities where we live and work.

Every employee-owner you come into contact with, from the jobsite to the office, has a personal stake in helping projects and relationships rise to their highest potential. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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