Project Summary
Crabapple Market

A new city center with a friendly, small-town feel, Crabapple Market offers residents a space to gather, dine, and play

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The Space
Square Footage 85,000
Location Milton, GA
Located in the heart of the city, Crabapple Market is a live, work, play establishment featuring dozens of local restaurants, shops, apartments, and office space.

Shopping Local, Walking Local

The walkability of the Market was a priority in the planning and construction of the development. Walkways and trails seamlessly connect shops, dining, and residential spaces, offering a quaint community atmosphere with modern amenities. Emphasizing the small-town feel of the area, retail options include a collection of boutique shops and intimate restaurants to welcome guests and residents.

Tight Sites, Sidewalk Safety Considerations, and Traffic Logistics
The expanded community consists of 12 buildings that house the area’s new retail and office tenants. A two-level parking deck accommodates residents and visitors to provide a safe, well-lit facility to park while they stroll about town.

Constructed in a highly trafficked and populated area, the team developed a thorough logistics plan early in the process that outlined the critical path and phases of work. This plan included a staggered schedule that broke the project into four stages, each one needing to be complete before the next could begin. In doing so, the team maintained compliance with the City of Milton by keeping designated sidewalks open and safe for pedestrians throughout construction.

Each building’s footprint extends from curb to curb, which left little room to store materials and house large equipment during construction. To mitigate traffic disruptions while maintaining the project schedule, the team created a detailed logistics plan to coordinate the transport and storage of materials that involved adapted fencing strategies, meticulous delivery schedules, and escorts to guide materials safely from point A to point B within the project site.

Building Relationships with Neighbors

As with any construction project in a residential area, being sensitive to noise and its effect on nearby neighbors is always a consideration. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people were working from home and exposed to the sounds of the jobsite throughout the day. To provide some peace of mind to residents, the project team worked to develop relationships with those near the site, offering open lines of communication, regular updates on anticipated work, and the projected level of noise neighbors could expect.

The relationship between residents and the project team were one of many critical factors that made Crabapple Market a successful operation.


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