Project Summary
Cardinal Points Imaging

Equipping providers with a modernized space to offer patients exceptional imaging services

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The Space
Square Footage 5,000
Location Cary, NC
This first-generation interior upfit enables rapidly expanding Cardinal Points Imaging to provide high-quality healthcare for patients in the community. The spacious, well-appointed main lobby welcomes patients with impressive 10-foot ceilings, comfortable seating, and a large-screen TV. The facility provides a full range of diagnostic and screening radiology services, such as X-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds, and a DEXA table for bone density scans. Each radiology service area offers dedicated waiting rooms, private changing rooms, and TVs. Additionally, a customized space is available to house a future CT scanner and mammogram machine.

Reinforced Asphalt Facilitates Mobile Healthcare

Cardinal Points Imaging also offers patients a mobile MRI unit that is stationed in the parking lot. To accommodate the weight of the unit, Choate reinforced the area by removing the existing asphalt, adding rebar, and placing two concrete pads underneath the MRI trailer.

Due to the parking lot’s original configuration, the MRI trailer would not be able to enter or exit the property. As a solution, the team removed a portion of the lot’s decorative island and the beloved maple tree it housed, caring for the tree until it was able to be replanted and serve as the focal point of the facility grounds once again.

Detailed Coordination for Electrical Installation

Installation of advanced HVAC and technical systems required thorough coordination between the Choate project team, the building owner, and the existing tenants to run a chase from the ground floor to the roof of the three-story building. To address the increased demand for electrical output this healthcare facility requires, the project team installed an additional transformer that was tied into an existing transformer on the property.

Once the line sets and ductwork were complete, the team used a crane to hoist rooftop units (RTUs) into place on the roof of the building, maintaining open communication and coordination with the building owners and tenants.


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