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King’s Ridge Christian School

Preparing students for college and equipping them to know, serve, and believe.

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The Space
Square Footage 45,100
Location Alpharetta, GA
King’s Ridge Christian School is considered one of the premier private schools in the Metro Atlanta area. With the mission to provide a college preparatory education, King’s Ridge equips students to know, to serve, and to believe. This project adds two buildings to this already-active campus: a High School building and the Life Impact Center. Positioned as the focal point of the school, the High School building is situated in the heart of campus. Designed to meld with the “craftsman” style of their existing facilities, the High School is comprised of classic materials such as cultured stone, cast stone, and brick. The building features open spaces, collaborative suites for project teams, and a faculty workspace easily accessed by students. With more than 20 classrooms including science labs, an art room, ceramics room, and music room, the addition has plenty of space to accommodate around 300 students.

Before construction began, a strict deadline was put in place for the project team to have the additions completed and ready for the new school year.  As the start of classes could not be delayed, the team adhered to a thorough logistics plan and creative coordination strategy between vendors. The project includes a high number of finishes, and the façade of the building alone incorporated more than 10 different materials. The team realized that in addition to keeping the project on schedule and coordinating the various materials, waterproofing of the exterior façade would be critical.

The project manager immediately reached out to the other team members to come up with waterproofing solutions that would keep the aesthetic quality of the multi-material design, while also ensuring the various materials interfaced into the waterproofing system. Before each material was placed,  team meetings were held to review and discuss the specific process of installation that would be needed to implement a successful waterproofing system.

The Life Impact Center offers students a dedicated place for College and Personal Guidance and Christian Life Activities. This comfortably designed facility offers gathering space, counseling and guidance facilities, and meeting areas in a relaxed atmosphere that features a fireplace, gabled roof, and heavy timber accents. There is also a large multipurpose venue for meetings, student activities, and global learning. To provide students and faculty with all the tools they need to succeed, the Life Impact Center features dynamic technology throughout the building.

Construction of the High School building as well as the Life Impact Center allows the students to move from the modular classrooms they are using into a more spacious, modern, and functional learning environment. Additionally, an athletic field is added to provide practice facilities to the multitude of sports played at King’s Ridge, and offer students a well-groomed, expansive space to practice and refine their skills.


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