Project Summary
Electrolux Tech Center Expansion

Electrolux, a global leader in innovative appliances, expands its North American Tech Center to house their appliance R&D testing laboratory.

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The Space
Square Footage 66,000
Location Charlotte, NC
At the Electrolux Tech Center, a total of 154 testing stations are designed to push Electrolux appliances to the max. “Burn Chambers” and other thermal testing stations in the Application Lab max out the heat input and output of each appliance, requiring special construction using all fire-retardant materials. The United Laboratories (UL) testing room, certified by the Department of Energy, ensures the products are safe for use in the United States. Validation Labs run 130 washers and dryers on electric or gas nonstop until they die to test the life of the machines. Mechanical and electrical systems for this building are critical; HVAC systems in the test labs are massive AAON units that are completely self-contained, running on their own dedicated control and power system. They will run continuously due to the heat load produced by the dryers and other motor-driven appliances. A water reclamation system is installed as well as a small chiller. Choate works hand-in-hand with Electrolux’s IT staff and on-site engineers throughout the project to ensure full satisfaction in the delivery of the project.

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