Choate Exhibiting at IPPE 2020 | Atlanta

January 9, 2020

Will you be in Atlanta for the 2020 IPPE Conference? Visit us in Booth #8455 Hall B and step inside a 3-D virtual manufacturing and warehousing food grade facility.  You can interact with the design just like you would in the real world! Walk through a full-scale, virtual copy of the building, see machinery placement and traverse the floorplan.   Want to get in touch ahead of time? Contact Bill Moultrie (Atlanta) or Dave Knudson (Charlotte).

Whether your business builds, processes, stores, or ships, you deserve a streamlined, reliable industrial facility — one that promotes logistical, operational, and energy efficiencies; maximizes productive capacity; and ultimately, allows you to do what you do best to outperform the competition. With over 52 million square feet of projects from the Southeast to the Pacific Northwest, our team understands your project is not “just another big box,” because we’re not just another contractor.


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