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Havas Annex Bookstore

From books to brands, Havas Worldwide creatively infuses an old space with new energy.

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The Space
Square Footage 8,800
Location Atlanta, GA
In the summer of 2016, when word spread that a circa-1930s bookstore near the Georgia Institute of Technology was to be razed and replaced with a gas station, historic preservationists organized to save it. Prior to becoming the “Engineer’s Bookstore,” the unassuming retail building was originally a five- and 10-cent store. A landmark designation by the Atlanta Urban Design Commission protected the building. Choate transforms the facility to become Havas Worldwide, an award-wining global advertising company. Headquartered in Puteaux, France, the marketing and PR firm’s two-level office space includes a client pantry, open office space, and collaboration areas for employees on the upper floor plus additional offices on the lower level. Havas keeps Bookstore in the name to honor the beloved spot that served Georgia Tech students several decades before. Today it serves as a conduit for Atlanta’s creative expression.

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