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Falls Office Medical Office Building


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The Space
Square Footage 75,000
Location Raleigh, NC
Falls Office, LLC, a joint venture group of the Perkins Fund, Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic, Raleigh Radiology, and Doctor Direct, partners with Choate to bring greater access to quality healthcare to the community with this three-story core and shell medical office building. Six large balconies featuring glass handrails, woodgrain metal panels, and ceramic tile flank the striking cantilevered glass curtainwall of the patient entrance. These balconies tie the exterior façade into the visually interesting architectural design of the interior. The clean lines of the butt-glazed panels create a seamless view and allow a flood of natural light to enter the space, while decorative vertical mullions add dynamic visuals and depth to the façade.

Extensive Demolition Makes Way for Medical Office Space

In constructing this multi-faceted redevelopment, the project team removed three existing buildings on the property and excavated roughly 13,000 CY of dirt to make way for this medical office building. To improve the soil condition, mitigate the rock onsite post-excavation, and facilitate the installation of the required 16-foot footings, the team installed a temporary soil nail wall. As the excavation was near a busy pedestrian and vehicle corridor, the project team worked closely with the local municipality and utility provider to relocate power lines and ensure a safe site.

To support the weight of the MRI and medical equipment within this medical office building, the team reinforced the slab to 22 inches in the appropriate areas, opting for a cast-in-place elevated deck. Not only does this method serve to accommodate the added weight, it also provides greater rigidity within the structure which in turn provides higher quality images from the MRI equipment.

Prioritizing Safety Through First-Responder Training

The project team partnered with the Raleigh Fire and Rescue team throughout the project to ensure everyone onsite was well versed in the techniques needed to maintain a safe environment. With several structures onsite slated for removal, the Fire and Rescue team conducted fire training sessions on the campus before demolition occurred.

Later in the project, the Raleigh Fire Department returned to provide rope and ladder rescue drills for the team to further Choate’s OneLife mission of ensuring safety is at the forefront of every project.


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