OneLife Safety Identity Celebrates Five Years

September 25, 2020

Every day, Choate sends thousands of employees and trade contractors to jobsites across the nation, and every day, their loved ones depend on them to return home safe and sound. It’s a monumental, humbling responsibility.

Over thirty years of safety management across thousands of jobsites has shown us that simply inspecting for hazards or instituting regulations will not achieve the goal of fundamentally altering someone’s individual safety mindset.

In 2014, Choate set out to transform the culture of safety from the ground up. OneLife, our safety identity and program, has become a rallying cry to move from compliance-based safety to safety that focuses on commitment — safety that touches the heart.

We are excited to celebrate five years of OneLife and its accomplishments thus far, but even more excited to keep working. Keep transforming.  Keep walking the walk.

OneLife. Your Life. Your Legacy. Protect It.


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