Impact 360 Institute Breaks Ground on Campus Expansion

May 2, 2016

PINE MOUNTAIN, Georgia (April 29, 2016) — Today Impact 360 Institute joined with founders, John and Trudy Cathy White, CEO of Lifeshape, Larry Cox, and friends and partners to celebrate what God is doing in the Institute. This day will mark the official ground breaking ceremony for the Institute’s expanded campus—a state-of-the-art facility.

For the past decade, Impact 360 Institute has worked diligently to steward its call, to impact culture by creating Christ-centered worldview and leadership opportunities. The time has come to “stretch out the curtains” (Isaiah 54:2). Pine Mountain, Georgia is the Launchpad for Impact 360 Institute and is the site of its subsequent growth and development, aided by the architectural savvy of Credo and the construction expertise of Choate Construction.

The expansion will encompass twenty-three picturesque acres. Plans include: two residence halls, with capacity for one hundred twenty-eight students and four staff members, (the first of which will shortly be under construction, the second will follow in twenty-four to thirty-six months), an academic and multipurpose building, large enough to accommodate classrooms, meeting rooms, library, dining hall and kitchen, and an administration wing. All this, plus recreational fields, faculty cottages and a maintenance building will be nestled on Lifeshape’s sixty-six acre expanse of Georgian beauty.

Impact 360 Institute was born to further the purpose of Lifeshape, a non-profit founded by John and Trudy Cathy White, which is to glorify God by breaking the cycle of spiritual poverty. Lifeshape remains committed to resourcing some of the best and brightest young leaders in the nation by supporting Impact 360 Institute through student grants and operational resourcing.

“Lifeshape is honored to support Impact 360 Institute and be a part of the transformative influence Impact 360 Institute has on and through those who participate in the biblical worldview and servant leadership experiences it provides.”
– John and Trudy Cathy White, founders of Impact 360 Institute

What began as a vision has developed into a vibrant ministry, reaching into the lives of students of all ages. Rather than static course offerings, Impact 360 Institute has developed and implemented an educational approach that embraces an active learning experience. This enables students to grasp foundational truth at the core, not simply intellectually. With this new expansion, the influence on the world, through students the Institute equips, will continue to grow. The new campus will allow Impact 360 Institute to even more powerfully facilitate the transformation and development of students as they learn to know what they believe and why they believe it; to be the person God intended them to be; and to live a servant life.

“It’s exciting to see the vision John and Trudy White had for equipping students over a decade ago expand and grow. The very fabric of higher education is rapidly changing and Impact 360 Institute is poised to deliver on its mission to equip students in worldview and leadership experiences in dynamic and relevant ways.”
– Phil Alsup, Executive Director Impact 360 Institute

Ten years ago, Impact 360 Institute began as a Gap Year program, but now the Institute offers numerous experiences for people of various ages and life stages. Each of these experiences is dedicated to offering Christian students, young professionals, and parents transformative worldview and leadership experiences. Offerings currently include:

• Impact 360 Propel: 4-day catalytic leadership conference for high school students
• Impact 360 Immersion: 2-week transformational worldview and apologetics experience for high school students
• Impact 360 Gap Year: 9-month worldview and leadership encounter for high school graduates
• Impact 360 Scholars: Career and leadership coaching and courses for college students
• Impact 360 Masters: Graduate level degree and assistantship while learning and living in community
• Impact 360 College Launch: 1-day conferences and coaching to equip parents with a Christ-centered approach to college transition

Impact 360 Institute has recently developed accessible online courses that will help everyday Christians grow their faith and influence. Through engaging and fast-paced online courses like Explore the Resurrection and Explore Truth, Impact 360 Institute will continue to expand its influence and effectiveness in a world that desperately needs its message of truth and hope.

The Impact 360 Institute community is excited to see just how far God will stretch their curtains and how many lives will be impacted as the Institute expands their Pine Mountain campus and online offerings.


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