Choate COVID-19 Update

March 18, 2020

Consistent with Choate’s OneLife safety culture, even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Choate strives to maintain the well-being of all who are working to fulfill our client’s construction needs and the communities in which we live and build.

Despite the rapidly changing conditions of Covid-19, we are working diligently to maintain a focus on executing our construction projects. Our proactive “Covid Task Force” was immediately created and began rethinking some of our usual construction strategies, especially as it relates to safety. Our Task Force, comprised of individuals from all disciplines within the company, met virtually every 48 hours when Covid began to break, and will continue to meet regularly for the foreseeable future.

This collaborative effort resulted in Choate’s Covid-19 Preparedness Plan that was issued to every employee and jobsite within the organization. The plan is essentially a detailed, but easily digestible playbook for implementing Choate’s advanced operating procedures on the jobsite and inside an office environment.

We are proud to say Choate’s Covid-19 Preparedness Plan has been featured nationally on the Association of General Contractor’s (AGC) website.

As found in the Preparedness Plan, Choate has implemented a proactive strategy to protect people as well as the operational integrity of our projects. A summary of some of the steps taken to date include the following:

Office Staff:
Per CDC and local government instructions, the majority of our office staff are being asked to work remotely from home. Choate has enhanced our remote officing platform which leverages our expanded cloud-based infrastructure allowing all our personnel that are directly managing or indirectly supporting our construction projects. Choate has matched our remote hardware with all employees, increased licensing and expanded our connectivity platform to support every Choate employee across our six office locations. To remain in touch, office phones will be forwarded directly to employees’ mobile number. These people are ready to continue operations to the greatest extent possible.

Field Staff & Jobsites:
Choate is implementing enhanced operating procedures on all jobsites which focus on site-related illness prevention. A sample of the procedures being implemented include:

  • Enhanced cleaning and jobsite sanitization
  • Worker hygiene education, reinforcement and CDC postings
  • No large gatherings. Small gatherings of 10 or less and outside
  • Social distancing – workers to maintain 6’ from each other
  • Extensive, graphic signage in English and Spanish
  • Any employee, subcontractor, or team member that is sick or that has, or may have been, exposed to COVID-19 are not to be present on any Choate jobsite. There are many people working diligently for the benefit of the project and who all depend on their hours to support their families. Everyone must exercise due care.

Our Superintendents are implementing these measures in partnership with our trade contractor forces. We are asking all our partners to implement similar measures that are consistent with CDC guidelines for the prevention of the spread of Covid-19.


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