Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

April 25, 2013

While Earth Day is really celebrated all year long at the Choate offices, this year Choate Atlanta employees officially celebrated Earth Day by planted a tree to mark the importance of sustainability in the workplace. Digging the hole was no easy task due to a lot of red clay, but perseverance prevailed and the Japanese Maple is currently taking root in front of the office building!

Planting trees isn’t all Choate has done; for the past several years, Choate has worked to implement green features into its own offices, particularly in the Atlanta office (having recently received LEED Gold certification for existing buildings), as well as the Charlotte office which is also LEED Gold certified for interior construction.

Choate has changed aspects of the work environment to ensure sustainability, including changing the cleaning products used, upgraded to LED lighting, and even providing fuel-efficient, hybrid company cars for long distance travel.

“Green construction is not only beneficial to the environment at large,” says Millard Choate, President of Choate Construction, “but also makes for healthier work environments, garnering healthier and happier employees! We believe this translates to the ability to provide better service to our clients.”


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