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Chick-fil-A Campus

From the humble chicken sandwich, a dynamic corporate campus has arisen.

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The Space
Square Footage 1 million+
Location Atlanta, GA
Choate Construction has collaborated with Chick-fil-A since 2010, transforming their corporate headquarters campus which spans 73-wooded acres. Below is a sampling of projects Choate has completed with the fast-food leader.

Food Innovation Center

The 35,000-SF Food Innovation Center consists of four test kitchens, providing the necessary space for further innovation and advancement of Chick-fil-A’s offered products. Also included in the facilities are food laboratories, office, storage and employee amenity space.

Children’s Center

With a need for additional childcare space as their headquarters continues to expand, Chick-fil-A adds a state-of-the-art childcare facility to their growing corporate campus. The second childcare facility completed for Chick-fil-A by Choate Construction, the project is located at the front of the headquarters.

Large adjoining classrooms accommodate children from infants to school age children. Amenities consist of office space, multipurpose areas for children, and a full-service kitchen.

Pen & Hatch

Over 15,000-SF of modifications to the existing Pen & Hatch space at Chick-fil-A’s headquarters create additional enclosed offices and conference rooms are the main purpose of this renovation. The use of decorative wall finishes and lighting give this interior modification personality and flair to further enhance the existing space.

1st Place Best of the Best Award, IIDA Georgia Chapter

Leadership Hub

With a focus on a new office environment, the Leadership Hub is a renovation of existing office space at the Chick-fil-A Heaquarters for their Leadership Team.  With an open office type of design, the Leadership Hub incorporates de-mountable partitions and communal seating areas to create an inviting office space feel.

Architectural elements like walnut stained wood and glass are used to provide a unique and exciting look to the new space.  The space includes work stations, restaurant-style booths, quiet rooms for personal/confidential discussion, a conference room, and lockers and a family wall at the entrance.

Terrace Cafe

Encouraging community and workplace camaraderie, Chick-fil-A adds an outdoor terrace café to their corporate headquarters. The terrace level of the main building is remodeled adding a café, seating area, and meeting rooms. In addition to coffee and food items at the café to enjoy, employees can take a break from work at the putting green.

Museum Updates

A hidden gem at Chick-fil-A’s corporate headquarters, the Chick-fil-A museum offers visitors a special behind-the-scenes tour of the history and food of the corporation. Interior renovations to the existing Chick-fil-A Backstage Home Office Tour renew the space.

Multiple walls are refinished, paint throughout is refreshed, and existing casework is updated. Energy efficient LED lighting is installed throughout as well as updated signage. The faux eggs and bacon on Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy’s replica grill are replaced.

4th Floor Renovation, South Building

The renovation of the 4th floor of the South Building allows for more collaborative interaction between employees through the use of open office spaces and teaming rooms. Glass walls, numerous carpets, cork flooring, decorative floor and wall tile, fabric and custom wall coverings, banquette seating featuring designer fabrics, and writable wall paint fuse to create the unique space. Numerous ceiling types including wood, suspended baffles, acoustical ceiling tiles, and drywall give the lid of the space its own personality.

5th Floor Renovation, South Building

Centered on workplace mobility and collaboration, the 5th floor of Chick-fil-A’s South Building allows for more collaborative interaction among employees through the use of open office spaces and teaming rooms. Architectural woodwork is incorporated in several areas to create the warm, welcoming environment.

Main Lobby Renovation

Repeat client Chick-fil-A, receives renovations to the main entry at their campus headquarters. Upgrades include an upgraded security turnstile entrance, reception desk, refreshed restrooms, waiting area, butler storage, and operable partition.


Additional Projects

Parking Deck (515,000 SF)
This massive cast-in-place concrete 7-level, 1,521-space parking deck is constructed adjacent to the main headquarters building.

Simulator Pods (6,000 SF)
Chick-fil-A’s Corporate Office builds out their interior space to create several pod rooms simulating restaurant kitchens. The simulated kitchens are made of drywall and glass partitions. Containing equipment similar to what’s found in Chick-fil-A restaurants, operators are able to train in a lifelike kitchen environment.

Lincoln 200 Pilot (15,450 SF)
Adjacent to Chick-fil-A’s main headquarters, this buildout in the Lincoln B building attractively refreshes 15,450-SF of office space.

First Response Center (14,500 SF)
Chick-fil-A headquarters office receives a centralized internal help desk including a breakroom, restrooms, numerous office areas, as well as meeting and conference room space.

Lincoln 100 Addition (12,000 SF)
The Lincoln 100 addition consists of consists of typical office and conference interior construction with a large portion of the offices being created by the use of demountable furniture to allow for flexibility in the future.



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