Setting Careers in Motion

LaunchPoint Rotational Program

Choate Construction’s new hire and recent graduate employment program, LaunchPoint, aims to maximize the career potential of those new to the construction industry. Through LaunchPoint, new employee-owners will launch their careers by working their way through a 24-month program that rotates between the three primary career paths in construction.


“Our industry offers many rewarding career paths to choose from, all of which play an important role in Choate’s success. While some enter the construction industry with a passion for one particular path, for many others, the optimal construction career path may not always be clear, especially, at the early stages of one’s career.”

Matt Brewer, President & CEO

Career Path Exploration

Choate’s LaunchPoint program is designed to give each candidate a broader knowledge of the various career paths and relationships at an earlier point of their career than what they might achieve in a traditional approach.

Candidates will gain exposure, experience, and proficiency in each of the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Field Management
  • Preconstruction Management


Candidates will get hands-on experience with the full spectrum of project management,…


including fostering and promoting growth and development of trade partner and vendor relationships; conducting frequent safety reviews by assessing project conditions; soliciting bids from trade partners and materials suppliers; assisting in preparing project start-up and close-out checklists; becoming proficient in punch list creation and management; and much more.

Through the duration of this path, candidates will also become familiar with our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) operations, gaining practical experience in laser-scanning technology, drone data analysis, and coordination and clash detection in 2D and 3D models.


While experiencing the field management career path in Choate’s LaunchPoint program, candidates will gain a vast array of practical field knowledge.


From attending regular coordination and logistics meetings to becoming proficient in reviewing submittal and procurement logs, candidates will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a project from start to finish. They will also garner familiarity with buyout reports, scope review processes, critical path and equipment planning, crisis communications, and emergency action plans (EAPs).

In this phase, candidates will become proficient in how to navigate inside a virtual model of the jobsite and collect and use 360-degree photos for progress tracking. Also in the VDC realm is exposure to constructability reviews using models, supporting the field team with VDC tools, and an introduction to becoming an FAA Certified Choate Drone Pilot!


The third element of the LaunchPoint rotation focuses on preconstruction management and the steps involved in setting a project up for success.


In the preconstruction phase of the program, candidates will become familiar with collecting bids, developing detailed estimates, bid solicitation, and the strategies involved in finding prospective trade partner and supplier bidders to fit the unique needs of each project.

Building on experience gained in other fields of the rotation, candidates will become proficient in identifying scope inclusions and exclusions, as well as 3D modeling, incorporation of VDC tools on the jobsite, and so much more.

Begin Your Journey Today!

Regardless of which is ultimately chosen, having meaningful experiences in each of the primary industry paths can help establish a much stronger foundation on which to build a successful career.

Over the course of two years, talented new employee-owners will spend no less than six months and no more than 12 months on each of the three paths mentioned above. This rotation will also incorporate Construction Safety and Virtual Design and Construction training along the way.

The ultimate goal of Choate is to invest heavily in the career development of our team members, ensuring the next generation of leaders is fully equipped for an optimal career in the construction industry. Visit our careers page to learn about open opportunities!