Project Summary
CWS Customer Technology Center

Modernized Corporate Space Built to Facilitate Growing Utility Service Operations

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The Space
Square Footage 34,000
Location Hanahan, SC
As Charleston Water System (CWS) continues to expand its services to better serve the City of Charleston residents, this modern, two-story office building offers ample space and efficient MEP systems to optimize the utility company’s operations. The facility houses all essential departments directly adjacent to the CWS Hanahan Water Treatment Plant, offering a centralized hub for CWS services. The structure is comprised of two components: the Customer Technology Center and the Emergency Operations Center.

Customer Technology Center

Offering a dedicated space for staff to provide personalized assistance to customers, the Customer Technology Center is built to reflect the significant investment CWS has made towards enhancing their customers’ experience. Wall-to-wall windows allow natural light to touch nearly every corner of the office building, in addition to the conference and meeting rooms, kitchen space, and drive-through service area.

In addition to the contemporary design and sophisticated fixtures, this portion of the project incorporates a particularly unique element related to the history of the utility company. In partnership with key stakeholders to preserve a central part of CWS’ history, the Choate project team artfully restored a 100-year-old wooden pipe held together with metal bands to display in the lobby. Frozen in time for visitors and staff to observe, the wooden pipe found on the property is theorized to be a result of the material shortages that left cast iron piping in short supply during World War I.

Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center is constructed to optimize Charleston Water System’s emergency preparedness and response in the event of outages or natural disasters. Serving as a command hub for CWS’ emergency response team, the Emergency Operations Center required close collaboration between the Choate project team, ownership, and design partners to implement the advanced mechanical, electrical, and structural technologies necessary to support effective emergency utility services.


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