Our OneLife identity acts as a constant reminder for workers to be engaged and committed to working safely.  Unlike priorities that constantly change, our commitment to safety is a value and we are unwavering.”

Millard Choate, Chairman & CEO

A Corporate Culture

Each day, Choate Construction Company represents thousands of families that depend on the safe return home of their loved ones. It’s a monumental responsibility we all take very seriously. The OneLife identity conveys our unwavering commitment to worker safety and reminds us that safety is a core value we must protect at all costs.

The OneLife identity is designed to positively engage everyone it encounters and challenge them to make safe decisions for their life, their family, and their legacy.

OneLife focuses on both technical and behavioral aspects of safe construction. Facilitating a shift in behavior creates a mindset where workers feel a personal duty and commitment to make intelligent, safe choices. Simply inspecting for safety will never achieve the intended result of fundamentally altering how one thinks; it requires behavior modification. Having a workforce that is personally engaged and committed to working safely is essential to eliminating injuries.

OneLife In Action

The OneLife logo is on all Choate safety and personal protective equipment (PPE), site signage, and other collateral with the intent of giving a face to the critical personal choices that workers must face each day. On the “I Work Safe For” banner, each employee handwrites the names of the loved ones that depend on their safe return home; this banner is a constant reminder to all of the personal reasons to make safe decisions.

Alongside our commitment to safety, 14 full-time Safety Professionals enhance the program, each bringing their own set of experiences and perspectives. Our dedicated team works to enhance the passion and focus we have for safety in a “no fear” environment. These in-house professionals innovate Choate’s safety program and create an environment where everyone is fully engaged.

Safety Training

It’s one thing to “talk the talk;” at Choate we “walk the walk.”  Choate actively provides safety training resources to both employees and subcontractor partners.  ClickSafety offers online safety training with a variety of courses such as OSHA 10- and 30-Hour, fire prevention, fall protection, electrical safety and more.

Corporate Safety Awards

Choate is committed to providing a place of employment free from all recognized hazards. Through constant inspections of jobsites and continuing education for our employees, Choate has achieved a level of success with our recognizable low injury and illness rates.

Some of these safety awards include:

  • Accepted into the North Carolina Building Star Program, 2018
  • Multiple Gold STEP Awards, Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc., 2016
  • 55 Choate recipients of the Ron Amerson Supervisors/ Safety Award, Associated General Contractors of GA, 2017
  • Gleaming Star Safety Award (South Carolina Department of Labor, 2016)
  • 2014 ENR Southeast Excellence in Safety Award
  • Associated Builders and Contractors Gold STEP Award: 2007, 2009, 2013-2015
  • NCDOL Gold Safety Award: 2006-2009, 2011-2013, 2014
  • 2013 Carolinas AGC Presidential Award for Safety Excellence