President & CEO Matt Brewer Featured on Zero to 5000 Podcast

April 15, 2021

The hosts of the Zero to 5000 podcast welcomed Choate Construction President & CEO Matt Brewer on the show to discuss critical factors that build and protect a professional relationship. From hiring practices to maintaining a healthy culture, Brewer dives into the essential components of what it takes to encourage a business to thrive.

In his interview, Brewer ponders, “How can we [at Choate] wake up each day and get every employee-owner engaged to the best of our ability, maximizing their potential?” and explores the role an effective hiring process plays in maximizing potential. Internal relationships are just as important as the external client relationships fostered every day. According to Brewer, “Selecting the right candidate is not solely based on experience, but alignment with the company’s culture, values, and mission.”

He goes on to say, “When an employee has personal investment in the company and feels supported with the tools to succeed, they are exponentially more engaged. The growth and reputation follow suit.”

“The success we’ve been blessed with is thanks to our employee-owners. Their investment of not only time but enthusiasm and engagement are what make people want to produce good work,” says Brewer.

About Zero to 5000 Podcast

Zero to 5000 is a talk show hosted by Drew McClure and Jordan Mitchell, two executive performance coaches who interview the founders of America’s fastest growing companies. On the show, guests discuss different factors that lead their company to successful growth, including: “habits, rituals, mindsets, lessons, and tactics that help them be the best.” Other notable guests have included Randy Dobbs, former CEO of GE North America and Tommy Smith, CEO of Novus Architects.

Listen to the full podcast here.


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