Student Housing

Building Homes Away from Home

No longer are residence halls merely places to sleep; they are integral elements woven into the campus fabric and one of the most effective college and university recruiting tools.

Whether it’s a modern off-campus apartment or classic on-campus dormitory, Choate understands what it takes to deliver facilities that are both profitable and make students feel right at home.

With over 17,000 beds in our portfolio, there is no learning curve for our student housing teams; construction in this market is a vital part of our business. We understand that parity trumps square footage, and every inch of a residence hall must be thoughtfully designed and constructed to minimize wasted space and provide for maximum functionality, maintainability, sustainability and security.


As diverse as the mascots found on the campuses we serve, so, too, is our construction approach. Our team will help guide you through a highly collaborative process to ensure your budget and schedule are met, quality spaces are erected, disruptions to campus life are preempted, and the highest level of security for students, faculty, and staff is achieved. We strive to build every project into a long-term partnership by exceeding expectations from the initial preconstruction process through move-in day and beyond.

Whether it’s a residence hall renovation, addition, or new building, we will work with you to bolster the student-life experience while providing a maximum return on your investment.