The Building Blocks of our Communities

One universal truth: There’s no place like home.

For nearly three decades, Choate has been in the business of constructing spaces where the human desires for safety, comfort, and independence are fully realized, and they come in the form of distinctive properties that have the ability to reward developers while providing residents with exemplary places to call home.

Drawing on the knowledge gained through the construction of more than 15,000 housing units within the past ten years, Choate will be your partner in business for the long term. Our multi-family team comes well equipped to deliver innovative solutions for nearly every product type from student residential communities, mixed-use, and senior housing to market-rate apartments and tax credit properties.

Regardless of geographic area or construction type, our experience has shown us that critical to project success is a strong, early partnership between the contractor, developer, and design team.


Leaving no closed doors, we will investigate value-added opportunities to allow you to do more with less but without sacrificing design intent. Likewise, we will analyze the schedule regularly, constantly seeking to provide for efficiencies without impact to your solidified budget.

If we can get your development to 100% occupancy faster, we’ll do it, and we’ll do so by using our expansive pool of prequalified local and national subcontractors and vendors. They know and appreciate our rigorous standards for quality and safety, and we know their capabilities, workloads, and financial health. It’s a win-win for all parties in this active investment class.

When you’re ready to construct your next multi-housing project, we will waiting at your door.