Institutional & Faith-Based

Building Places of Fulfillment & Enrichment

They are the spaces where our children learn, our souls heal, and the servants of our cities and towns lead, govern, and protect. Institutional construction isn’t about the wood, glass and steel; it’s about fulfilling the needs of people with structures of purpose, and our purpose is to build better communities. From public and private K-12 schools to government municipality buildings, higher education, and faith-based sanctuaries, every structure is unique.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to institutional construction, but a few elements will carry throughout our work regardless of the institution. We will serve as your guide when coordinating with and answering to multiple boards and decision makers. They can make or break a project, so we will provide you with the facts, figures, and information to provide solid answers.

We will be your proponent for ensuring local, minority, and small business participation. It’s our goal reflect the diversity of the geographic markets and communities in which we do business. Let’s put success in the hands of the locals.

Most importantly, we will be a steward of your investment and the safety leader of your project. Not only will we complete your project on time and on budget, we will do so with the utmost regard for safety and with minimal disruptions to your daily routine.

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