Building with Horsepower

From ground-up dealerships to branding image upgrades, parts department renovations, and parking decks, Choate brings an expert-level approach to automotive construction solidified by an expansive project portfolio totaling nearly 16 million square feet.

For both independent and franchise operators, we help solve individual dealer challenges by melding intricate technical specifications with diverse manufacturer building design requirements. We can handle the complex coordination of vendors with ease while developing the most effective utility infrastructure for lifts, exhaust equipment, and hose reals, for example. It’s that expert-level understanding and attention to our clients’ needs and desires that make our automotive construction teams different.


As partners in the construction process, our forward-thinking teams are constantly searching for ways to build enhancements into our clients’ business operations at every turn.

Whatever the challenge at hand, let Choate help you drive a successful project delivery from start to finish.

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