Choate Solar

Choate Solar Overview

Choate Construction Company’s commitment to sustainability is physically visible in the form of 16,200 glass tubes, comprising the rooftop Solyndra solar photovoltaic system, installed at Choate Atlanta’s office building.  Its electrical power generation is indicated continuously in real-time on a monitoring panel website and expressed in offset equivalency in the form of 60 watt light bulbs.  Or barrels of oil.  Or trees.  Or however you choose to interpret the amount of energy generated by the system.

The solar power generation system, one of the largest Solyndra system in the Southeast, was installed by Empower Energy Technology and powers on average about 5% of the building, saving approximately $11,000 a year in energy costs.  Real-time monitoring allows anyone to access just how much energy is being offset by the system, available at

Choate is committed to sustainability, evidenced by this investment, and is proud to encourage this technology.  Other initiatives recently completed include:

  • LED lighting in interior office space
  • Water conservation upgrades to all plumbing fixtures, saving approximately 1,000 gallons a day
  • Solar-reflective energy-efficient window film
  • Retro-commissioning of mechanical systems to ensure efficient operation
  • High tech irrigation system, reducing water usage by 50%
  • Rainwater harvesting system to capture HVAC condensate and rainwater, supplying cooling tower and irrigation system
  • Remote controlled power strips to eliminate “ghost” power consumption 
  • Comprehensive “green cleaning” program to improve indoor air quality
  • Reflective white roof system, thus reducing heat island effect