LEED Consulting

Choate Construction Company provides LEED consulting services to guide project team members through the design, implementation, and documentation of sustainable initiatives. To reach the goals set by our standards and those of our clients, LEED consulting begins early in the project design and maintains an active role beyond the completion of project construction. It is interactive, flexible and affordable, providing market recognition of a building’s environmental attributes through third-party verification. Studies show that LEED certified buildings reduce operating and maintenance costs, increase value and decrease risk. Third-party certification ensures proper design and implementation of sustainable building features.

Beginning in 2003, Choate has teamed with Owners and Architects to conduct LEED Project Analysis for new construction, existing buildings, core and shell structures, commercial interiors and major renovations. Our success in this initiative is evident in its record – more than 40 LEED certified projects.

Consulting is an important part of the LEED process for any project pursuing certification. Optimal use of consultants allows for all members of the project team to have a sole source when it comes to the building’s LEED progress and resources. The LEED consultants at Choate coordinate and organize the communication between team members and assist in making the streamlined process as efficient as possible. Choate is excited about its ability to take the construction industry into this innovative direction.

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