Choate as a whole has built over 50 automotive dealerships throughout the southeast. They are the best group of people we’ve worked with which is why we continue to try and get them involved on projects that we work on. They’re professional, their work is outstanding, they are always on time, very conscientious about the budget, and the Owners never go away from a project with a bad feeling about being treated fairly.

Craig James, Praxis3, Principal and Choate Design-Build Partner

At Choate Construction Company, we not only accept the accountability required by the Design-Build process, we embrace it as a means to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

For those unfamiliar with the Design-Build process, it is a method of construction in which the design and construction of a building are contracted and controlled from one source – the Design-Builder. Whereas traditional construction methods require the client to serve as a referee/mediator between the general contractor and the architect, Design-Build construction allows for a single point of accountability, thereby creating a more organized and controlled project. This process helps prevent unnecessary delays in schedule and added construction costs due to unforeseen design discrepancies typical of traditional construction when plans are designed well in advance.

Choate’s unique ability to consistently provide top quality results and maintain 100% client satisfaction is a direct reflection of the construction experts on our staff, the top design-firms we partner with, and our overall implementation of the Design-Build program. Our philosophy for Design-Build delivery is based on our ability to lower costs, control the schedule, reduce adversity between the contractor and the design team, and most importantly, establish clear lines of communication between all parties to ensure a smooth delivery.

A few advantages of the Choate Design-Build Process include

  • Maintaining realistic project completion dates
  • Minimizing additional construction costs due to the implementation of cost-effective advanced systems, methods and monitoring
  • Phased Construction: Allowing construction to begin before the full design is complete saves time
  • The creation of a non-adversarial relationship between Owner, design members and the construction team. Team members are encouraged to work together to solve issues between design and construction to save time and money
  • Contractor-directed change orders are minimized, if not completely eliminated
  • Design-Build allows for special services, such as preliminary feasibility studies, value engineering and life cycle costing analysis