Portfolio – Retail

In a world where brands are everything and time is money, Choate Construction Company recognizes retail construction services as one of the most detail-oriented and schedule-driven sectors. With each client having specialized needs that reflects its brand, retail contractors have to be at the top of quality and service to ensure a flawless launch and store success.

For more than two decades, many of the nation’s top retailers and developers have relied on Choate Construction for their retail construction needs. From Crate & Barrel to Target and Best Buy, more than 250 clients throughout the Southeast have trusted Choate to deliver nearly $850 million in retail construction services.

Choate understands the nuances of retail construction from the close coordination with local and national account vendors to synchronization of installation schedules, all to best deliver the store’s specific vision. Choate is equipped to create a seamless retail construction process no matter the location.