Portfolio – Mixed-Use

In a day and age when a single watch can monitor your daily activity level or connect you to a circle of friends with just a tap, consumers are demanding more from their products, homes, neighborhoods stores, and offices. Time and space are high-demand commodities, and mixed-use developments satisfy the need for both.

Mixed-used construction creates the all-inclusive community experience within just a couple blocks. Multi-housing construction, alongside parking structures, office buildings, and retail all require an array of construction techniques and methods. The complexity of such a well-planned development makes this sector one of the most challenging. Constant communication, consistent quality control, and impeccable safety standards are imperative.

The demand for mixed-used construction is on the rise, but Choate Construction Company has been a pioneer in the market sector for decades. Our clients are private developers, public entities, and public-private partnerships. We offer you the complete solution and will be your partner from site selection to grand opening. The compatibility of our expert mixed-used project teams further fortifies our experience with these multi-dimensional projects. No matter how ambitious your project, we are ready to help bring it to life.