A dramatic redesign of WISH Atlanta marks the advent of the store’s evolution; formally a public library, WISH comes alive in an exciting mix of art, fashion and sensory provocation.

The WISH project begins with the complete demolition of the interior of their existing retail store including asbestos abatement before the new construction can begin. The scope of work includes substantial structural upgrades including new wood floor and ceiling joists, concrete footings and CMU piers to support eight back lit 1” glass floor boxes to display their clothing lines.

The existing steel windows are replaced with an aluminum system to replicate the existing steel system due to the historical nature of the building. The new walls are decorative colored glass wall panels or plywood panels to support the metal hang bars to display the clothing.

The mechanical system includes two new rooftop units, one split system and all new plumbing fixtures. The electrical scope includes a new service, turnkey security package and a high-end lighting package to accentuate the upscale clothing and shoes for sale.