Toyota TRD Chassis Engineering Building

The first of its kind, this LEED Silver facility serves multiple functions of business, including research and development, team and facility testing, and engineering for the Toyota racing teams.

Chassis testing is a main component, performed in three different test cells, each with a specific piece of equipment. Approximately 40% of the testing time is used by the race teams on a weekly basis for Chassis Set up for the upcoming races. The balance of the test time is used by the facility to perform independent testing and acquire performance data on the race car chassis under different racing conditions that are simulated in the test cells. Once the data is acquired from the test cells it is used by the by their engineers and development staff to design and fabricate better chassis components.

Utilization of sustainable materials, systems, and design and construction practices is also a major facet of the TRD building. Choate diverted nearly 90% of the construction waste from landfills which significantly exceeded the 50% mark required to earn this credit.

Due to the competitive nature of professional racing, security of the site and building was a major concern for the owner. The building is equipped with external cameras that monitor all activity on site and around the perimeter of the building, as well as an access control system. Every point of entry into the facility and the entrance to sensitive areas within the building is controlled by card key access.

This project received the “Excellence in Construction” award in 2009 from the ABC of the Carolinas for its high level of innovation, quality and safety.