The Fletcher School

This private school offers a comprehensive education program for K- 12th graders designed to build the academic, social and emotional competence of students with learning disabilities. With the rising number of applications for admission, the current facility is stretched to maximum capacity and beyond. The new campus occupies 13-acres of property and is large enough to accommodate 250 students in grades K-12. In addition, the classrooms are designed specifically for the students at Fletcher, and the campus suited to maximize the School’s program.

Phase I includes computer labs, counselor’s offices, a cafeteria, a media center, and a centralized administrative and support staff area.

Phase II includes two academic wings, increasing the facility to a total of 62,995 SF. The wings extend from each side of the administrative building and are similar in design with a Georgian theme. The greatest challenge was completing as much of the exterior work prior to school returning to session in the fall including all framing brick veneer and roofing in under two and a half months starting after school departed in the spring. The remainder of the work occurred during school operations.

Upon completion of the classrooms, the students and faculty moved in from the mobile classrooms. This allowed Choate to remove the trailers and start construction of the pre-engineered steel Gymnasium building, which is brick veneer to match the rest of the campus and has a traditional wood floor. Additional work included installing the monumental stairs in the existing lobby and reworking the entire fire alarm system.