Switchyards Downtown Club

Part workspace, part coffee shop, part event series, and part incubator, the Switchyards Downtown Club is a members-only gathering place. Designed to accelerate learning, provide contemporary space for the creation of innovative products, and culminate relationships with consumer startups, the 1920s historic building is beautifully renovated in bustling downtown Atlanta.

Called “a gathering place for doers,” the four-story structure requires exterior renovations to the masonry and concrete walls. The project creates new openings for windows and an exterior courtyard. The main event space utilizes raw-designed wooden stadium seating to surround a stage for startup owners and presenters. The in-house coffee shop on the first floor boasts a tile bar and granite counter tops while exposed industrial ductwork hangs above.

True to Michael Tavani’s vision, the space enhances the local startup conversation and provides an open and innovative workspace for all members. Both full- and part-time members are able to partake in private offices, unlimited coffee, WiFi, as well as kitchen and shower accessibility.