Stewart – Haas CNC Racing

This race shop and team/corporate headquarters includes a 106,000 SF maintenance shop, 16,000 SF of office space, 12,000 SF of storage areas, and a 22,000 SF transporter/pit area located on 23 acres. The race shop houses teams for #0 cup and #44 Busch Cars. All facets of car construction from research and development through finish fabrication are performed in the facility, with a section of the building dedicated to displaying Haas CNC Machine Tools machines.

Features of the building include a vehicle maintenance area with a total of nine bays which are used for routine maintenance, disassembly and re-assembly of vehicles. Hazardous material storage area is included, as well as locker rooms, fitness center, 3,000 SF fitness center, office areas, and assembly areas.

The building is composed of structural steel and tilt-wall concrete; the exterior fa├žade is composed of block walls with glass curtain wall. The 23-acre site development package consisted of clearing and grubbing, erosion control, storm drainage system, three acre wet pond, domestic water and sanitary sewer systems, parking and roadway installation, landscaping, and installation of an irrigation system.