Savannah Morning News

The largest daily paper in Savannah, the Savannah Morning News utilizes the impressive 145,000 SF newspaper press and distribution facility and 120,000 SF office building to deliver late-breaking news to Savannah and surrounding communities.

The distribution facility includes two presses and an ink tank farm with extensive process piping. A three stage completion is required to accommodate the press installation. Construction is structural steel and tilt with brick veneer. Six hundred twenty four piles are required due to soil conditions. Unique features such as blast panels are used throughout the facility and designed to withstand significant over-pressure and ensure minimum damage should an explosion occur.

The three-story Class A corporate facility’s design began before the completion of the production facility, using the same architectural components of brick and cast stone insulated tilt wall. The most challenging aspect of the design was to mirror the façade of the production facility having a 12’ floor height with a 15’ floor height for the office building. The buildings share a common entrance and reception area.

A unique feature of this building is a central rotunda with a 36’ diameter CFRC dome custom light fixture that simulates a skylight in the apex. Other distinctive features are the use of Arcufoam for columns, balustrades, watertable and fascia. The interior of the building emulates the classical architecture of downtown Savannah.

The use of full depth tumbled brick for pavers, natural slate, divided light windows and wrought iron fences and gates bring the feel of “Old Savannah” into this unique space. The rotunda also boasts a terrazzo floor highlighting a three color compass rose with brass insets of the four major compass points which hint of Savannah’s nautical history.