Red Ventures IV

Red Ventures doubles their main headquarter campus, marking Choate’s fourth project for the powerhouse marketing and technology company. Boasting a vibrant and energetic corporate culture, they have consistently been voted a ‘Best Place to Work’ by the Charlotte Business Journal and have ranked twice among the top 20 fastest-growing companies on the Inc. 500 list.

To make room for the company’s rapid growth, the multipurpose facility is constructed as the centerpiece of Red Venture’s recently enlarged campus. The structure of RV4, as dubbed by employees, consists of cast-in-place concrete with curtainwall, metal panel accents, and EIFS exterior. Considered one building by local building and fire codes, the project is actually comprised of four distinct areas.

Building Area A is a 90,000 SF three-story structure consisting of two upper floors housing state-of-the-art call centers. The subterranean level is the MEP “heart” of the building. Chillers, pumps, and switch gear are installed in the basement level and connected to all of RV4 through a series of service corridors. The 120,000 SF six-story Building Area B provides office space and more call center areas on its five above ground floors. Building Area B’s roof completes the main MEP infrastructure with cooling towers and pumps.

Building Areas C and D appear to be one building, yet each function differently. Building Area C, the “Union,” is dedicated to employee needs with collaboration areas, personal meeting and relaxation spots, and a food service café. Building Area D, the “Leadership Center,” is committed to continued employee education and training. Large meeting rooms and a Harvard-style auditorium as well as team-sized gathering spaces and group huddle rooms provide an area for employees to collaborate and learn. The Leadership Center contains a highly-advanced audio visual and data exchange system showcasing Red Ventures’ commitment to embrace innovative technology, improve their employees’ futures, and provide superior client services.

A 1,500 car parking deck is added to the campus to support the growing employee population. Featuring decorative perforated-metal panel screens, the parking deck is a centralized generator complex serving RV4 and the existing RV1 and RV2 buildings. Overall site improvements and the new parking deck eliminate the need for surface parking areas between buildings. Freeing up these areas allow for the creation of green spaces and outdoor function patios and terraces, furthering Red Ventures’ goal for a pedestrian campus.