Network Appliance

Network Appliance Building 1
165,000 SF
This cold shell building is converted to a warm shell, followed by the completion of 125,000 SF of interior space. Interior environments included approximately 40,000 SF of R&D laboratory, training facilities, an executive briefing center as well as open office/systems furniture plan for global support personnel.

Network Appliance RTP Building 2
156,000 SF
The next phase of expansion involves the conversion of a cold shell office building to a warm shell state, allowing accommodation of customer support, product development, software development and laboratory/data center business unit expansion needs.

Network Appliance Dedicated Lab – RTP Building 4
132,000 SF
This expansive engineering and development environment for Global Dynamic Lab will foster initiatives to create and improve storage efficiency and cloud-enabling technologies. Supporting 2,166 racks of data-processing equipment, the total designed power load is nearly 25 mega watts and provides NetApp a highly available and redundant infrastructure for its expanding R&D and IT operations.

The innovative ways to reduce the cost and use of energy maximized the value of NetApp’s investment results in greater returns on capital. The power usage effectiveness (PUE) is 1.2, or 80% more efficient than the average data center PUE of 2.0 (as measured by The Green Grid), resulting in savings of approximately $7.3 million annually. These power savings result in a carbon emissions reduction of 93,000 tons annually – equivalent to removing 15,400 cars from the road. Key features outline the facility’s outstanding performance:

• Higher average supply air temperature;
• Cooling through the use of outside ‘free cooling’ air 67% of the year;
• Pressure-control through modulating fans, NetApp’s proprietary technology, avoiding oversupply and wasted energy;
• Cold aisle containment separating cold supply and hot air return air;
• Overhead air distribution taking advantage of cold/hot air buoyancy