MS International

MS International (MSI) relocates their office from Austell, GA, to their existing warehouse in Atlanta creating a state-of-the-art Marketing Innovation Center. MSI is the leading importer and distributor of natural stones, countertops, landscaping tiles, and porcelain in North America.

The interior office space houses MSI’s marketing, trend and design, web, digital and social media, merchandising, and channel-focused teams. A combination of open and private offices, meeting rooms, and collaboration spaces promote a fluid working environment among employees.

Flooring, countertops, decorative mosaics, and wall tiles are all MSI products, further demonstrating the brand’s versatility and allowing employees to interact with products on a daily basis. A breakroom, training room, and restrooms are constructed in the office and a sprinkler system is installed.

The exterior entry is relocated and modifications are made to the building’s wall screen to accommodate the updated office space.