Lake Lanier Islands Water Reclamation Facility

This treatment facility has a capacity to treat 500,000 gallons of wastewater daily and uses advanced membrane biological reactor technology. The advanced plant produces a far superior quality of effluent water that discharges back into Lake Lanier, which was of utmost importance to the Owner, Lake Lanier Islands Development Authority.

The plant is housed inside two masonry buildings, with very few exterior concrete tanks. This allows the plant to be more aesthetically pleasing while blending with the natural surroundings.

The plant consists of influent pumps, influent drum screens, grit removal equipment, equalization pumps, membrane reactor equipment, return and waste activated sludge pumps, diffused aeration equipment, and blowers. Also included in the facility are chemical feed equipment, odor control equipment, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, effluent pumps, sampling equipment, sludge centrifuge system, emergency diesel generator, five ton bridge crane, instrumentation and controls, and laboratory.