Interface Headquarters

Interface, Inc. combines their Interface Corporate Office, Interface Americas, and Atlanta showroom, requiring an interior renovation of an existing building in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, GA. Previously located in separate locations in Georgia, the renovation allows each function to exist under one roof.

The space is brought to a core and shell finish prior to Choate beginning work. As the sole tenant of the building, the high-design, high-function space allows Interface employees several work style options. Designed to utilize the entire building as an entertaining area for industry events, Interface’s office will also serve as showroom for their Atlanta operations. Internal staircases connect the three floors and the rooftop, allowing for increased mobility and connectivity between each floor.

As a sustainability-minded firm, Interface’s office reflects their personal values and pursues LEED v4 Platinum and WELL Gold certification. Water re-use and carbon containment are key to the project. A chilled beam system is used for the HVAC.