Ink & Elm Restaurant

The dark and cozy Ink & Elm is a tavern, lounge, and dining room that celebrates the deep history of Atlanta’s Druid Hills neighborhood, including Frederick Law Olmstead, the neighborhood’s designer. Better known for his profound Central Park design, Ink & Elm’s unique design reflects two aspects of Olmstead’s abodes; the tavern is loosely based on a turn of the century landscape design studio while the dining room takes into account Olmstead’s approach toward garden and landscape design with a light and airy mood.

Features include a fireplace clad in concrete landscaping pavers, wood floors, felt lined walls, and heavy duty sheet vinyl floors in the kitchen and bar. Two 1500-gallon grease traps and an all new HVAC system are installed. Ink & Elm offers Southern cuisine, unique wine selections, and hand-crafted cocktails.