Hilton Bridge

Spanning four lanes of busy downtown traffic and connecting two of the area’s busiest hotels, the construction of the Hilton Bridge is a true testament to perfect planning and execution by the design and construction teams.

The erection of the bridge required precision planning and construction of massive concrete abutments and anchor plates. This 108’, 54,000 pound main truss, which was 15’, was designed to fit just underneath a 13’ building overhang on the Marriott side. To tie in to the existing floor elevation, the anchor bolts were required to be perfectly placed both horizontally and vertically in the abutments beneath the overhang, resulting in only three inches vertical tolerance in which to swing into the truss into place and onto the anchor bolts. The truss had to be perfectly rigged and balanced, as a small breeze could affect the rotation of the truss and a larger wind could actually send it crashing into the building. The anchor bolts at each end of the bridge had to be verified many times, as there was neither the space nor the time to effect any modifications. This main downtown artery could remain closed for only a short duration of time on a Sunday morning.

In order to erect the trusses, they first had to be lifted from along the street nearly 35 feet high in order to clear the existing light poles, trees and signage, then, at that height, rotated 90 degrees and carefully lowered to the appropriate elevation and then shifted horizontally under the Marriott overhang. Although there were a few tense moments, the truss was successfully set in place within the allotted timeframe culminating a period of intense planning, engineering and coordination.

The bridge is conditioned by four individual HVAC units, and is enclosed by storefront and spandrel glazing. An acoustical ceiling, linear pendant lights and stained concrete floors accentuate the interior of the bridge.

A new steel framed porte cochere highlights the entrance to The Hilton, complemented by a new front entry driveway and fresh landscaping.