Greater Atlanta Christian Junior & Senior High School Renovation

Greater Atlanta Christian School (GACS), founded in 1961, is home to over 1,800 students in grades K3-12. The school’s blossoming 75-acre campus is amply dotted with over two dozen structures, uniquely blending both new and old. As part of an ongoing campus expansion and renovation, two 1960s-era structures, the Junior and Senior High Buildings, receive transformative interior improvements. Topping 70,100 SF, the buildings each contain 40 classrooms, as well as the faculty and staff for grades 6 through 12.

Unique to the newly renovated structures are learning studios enclosed by aluminum, glass, and book-matched wood veneer partitions. Combining rustic wood accents with writable wall surfaces in GACS’s signature red, the learning studios allow students to study or collaborate for group projects in a warm, inviting environment. To make room for the open learning studios, an extensive rework of the existing buildings’ load-bearing structures are required. To support the renovation, updated foundations are installed beneath existing load-bearing CMU walls, while a steel superstructure is attached to the existing walls. Following steel installation, 350 tons of load bearing CMU walls are demolished. The foundation is backfilled and slab is poured where it was previously removed to be assessed.

Restrooms are completely refinished, receiving updated floors, sinks, toilets, partitions, wall tile, millwork, ceilings, and fire sprinklers. Existing CMU walls are repaired and receive fresh paint.

Approximately 11,600 SF of interior renovations are completed while school is in session, requiring careful coordination to ensure the school’s normal operations are not interrupted. The remaining 58,500-SF renovation is complete within an astounding nine-week schedule when Greater Atlanta Christian School is not in session.