Fiserv, one of the nation’s leading financial services technology firms, consolidates its Atlanta-area operations in this stunning state-of-the-art campus.  The 375,000-SF project includes a full renovation of two existing six-floor buildings, joined by a progressive, square shaped geometrical lobby that reflects Fiserv’s “Proof Point” brand.

The interiors of Buildings Three and Four at the Westside Parkway development, owned by a joint venture between M & J Wilkow, Ltd. and Wayzata Investment Partners, are fully demolished and refitted to fit Fiserv’s contemporary style.  Renovations include existing building core finishes with updated bathrooms and high-end elevator lobby finishes.  Typical building work areas are comprised of modular work stations with a combination of wood and acoustical ceilings through-out.  Within each work area are “town center” and “neighborhood” spaces comprised of custom millwork elements and banquette seating designed to promote collaborative work spaces.  These modular and collaborative work spaces encircle the perimeter of the building while added core offices and meeting rooms utilizing dorm glass wall systems are located closer to the building core.

Other building amenities include a 10,000-SF fitness center, 10,000-SF commercial kitchen, servery, and dining room, 2,500-SF coffee bar and micro-mart, and finally a corporate training and conference center. The 8,000-SF glass geometric lobby uniquely defines the campus and connects the existing buildings.  It includes a four-story grand entrance lobby utilizing stone flooring and wall accents with a reception desk.  Elevated bridges are constructed on each level of the lobby to allow connectivity between the two primary office buildings and all six floors.  The fifth floor of the lobby features a client business center with a grand presentation and auditorium space available for Fiserv’s clients.

All spaces include new and innovative audio/video systems to enhance the Fiserv experience. The Fiserv Alpharetta campus is completed in an astonishing six-month fast-track time span.