Crate & Barrel – Shops Around Lenox

Winner of the Silver Award in Retail Store Design from The International Council of Shopping Centers U.S. Design and Development Awards

Located in the award-winning Shops Around Lenox in Atlanta, Georgia, 25,321 SF of existing retail space undergoes a transformational renovation to accommodate a Crate and Barrel retail store.

Utilizing the latest in BIM (Building Information Modeling) design, the entire project has been modeled by the Crate and Barrel team.  Throughout the duration of the project the Crate and Barrel and Choate teams work closely to utilize the model, improving lead times and minimizing potential conflicts in the field.  The model is also used to provide a “look into the future” to help workers at the site see an interactive image of the constructed space prior to starting work and throughout the process.

Finishes include thickset ceramic and porcelain tile, interior brick veneer, and over five miles of wood plank installed on the walls and ceilings.  Installation of a “sleeper system,” a system of wood studs which the floor will rest on to create a cavity, provides space to run all electrical conduits.

Portions of the ceiling are comprised of painted pine and clear cedar while prefabricated wood and zinc display walls adorn the space and feature Crate and Barrel products.  Back-of-house upgrades include a racking system and the construction of a mezzanine level which contains all electrical switch gear.  Other additions include an elevator, HVAC system, electrical system, and scissor lift used in the delivery of shipments.