Corso Coffee at Buckhead Atlanta

Corso Coffee is an Italian style coffee bar offering espresso-based beverages, light comfort fare including breakfast pastries, salads, and paninis, and wines by the quartino.  Corso Coffee allows guests an escape from the daily grind and indulgence into the charming realm of la dolce vita.

As the first of three concepts at Oliver MacMillan’s Buckhead Atlanta development, Corso’s 1,590-SF boutique coffee and wine shop is adorned with custom tile, brass and woodwork, including a drink serving bar, ice cream counter, and large community bench with one-legged tables for customer seating.

A boutique kitchen featuring a CaptiveAire exhaust system resides behind the bar area.  Corso’s elevation is showcased by a sixteen-foot-tall custom steel curtainwall system.

The upgraded HVAC equipment is located above the restrooms and kitchen on a mechanical mezzanine.