Ashley Furniture Distribution Warehouse

Winner of the 2016 First Place Excellence in Concrete – Heavy Industrial, ACI Carolinas Annual Concrete Awards

Ashley Furniture HomeStore, the largest furniture manufacturer in the world, expands their reach with this cutting-edge distribution warehouse. Owned by repeat client The Keith Corporation, the 164,000-SF facility allows Ashley Furniture to efficiently retrieve and deliver their products to retail locations in the surrounding areas. In an effort to keep pace with the high demand, Ashley Furniture required a facility constructed as excellently as the furniture moving through its dock doors.

From the very beginning, the team knew flatness of the concrete slab was critical; slab flatness can affect the performance of equipment, create safer environments for forklifts to place and retrieve product, and ultimately make an impact on Ashley Furniture’s ability to retrieve and deliver their product faster. The specialized installation of an “Ultraflat” concrete floor slab, which runs the full extent of the building, resulted in a slab that is 237% flatter and more level than the average warehouse floor. In conjunction with the concrete subcontractor, the team was awarded the “2015 Golden Trowel Award” from Face Construction Technologies, an industry award recognizing the flattest and most level floor slabs on the globe.

Attractive, polished concrete complements Ashley Furniture’s office and processing areas. Situated on a 10,762-SF mezzanine, the office and processing area includes both private and open space and is furnished with Ashley Furniture products.

Additional elements include a perimeter structure supported by non-insulated tilt-up concrete wall panels, which allow for extensive racking systems and a clear height of 32 feet. The building utilizes 54’-by-50’ bay spacing, with one 54’-by-60’ bay at the loading dock’s speed bay. The warehouse area is heated and ventilated with 100% makeup air through wall-mounted louvers. A full site work package includes parking for 200 employees and a truck court.