Arizona Chemical Science & Technology Center

The Science & Technology Center for Arizona Chemical is a 34,000-SF addition to Arizona Chemical’s West Savannah campus. Arizona Chemical is the world’s leading bio-refiner of pine chemicals. They provide pine-based materials using after product of the pulping process. These materials include: adhesives, inks, coatings, road markings, tires, rubber, lubricants, and fuel additives.

The new facility provides new 8,000-SF state-of-the art research and development laboratory, executive offices along with administrative and conference spaces.

The steel structure is clad in brick and curtain wall with exterior architectural wings made from inverted trusses and metal wall panels. The interior space maximizes natural light from the curtain wall which is a continuation of the architectural exterior radius feature.

Laboratory space includes wet chemistry labs, 26 fume hoods with two exterior exhausts and lab casework.

The surrounding campus is improved by the addition of hardscapes, landscaping and pedestrian walkways that connect the new building to the existing buildings and operations on the corporate campus.