Ahold Information Services

Ahold Information Services (AIS), located on a twenty-two acre site, consists of a four story, 135,000 SF Class A corporate office building, 65,000 SF single story data center, and a 15,000 SF “streetscape” spine that adjoins the two facilities and contains a fitness center and a full service cafeteria with both public and private dining. The 215,000 SF facility will serve as both an information technology headquarters (software research and development) for all the Ahold-owned stores across the United Sates as well as serve as a corporate headquarters for the AIS staff.

The interiors include executive offices, conference rooms, open office space throughout the four floors for owner provided modular furniture and elevator lobby areas on each floor with custom modacrylic rugs, decorative metal panels, stainless steel trim and granite flooring. The office building is equipped with two architecturally finished traction passenger elevators, one hydraulic freight elevator, a loading dock with storage capabilities as well as a 625 KVA emergency generator for backup power purposes.

Ahold is one of the largest Level 4 data centers constructed in the U.S., containing 120,000 SF of data processing space, plus ancillary UPS, switchgear and emergency power support wing. The facility includes dual 4000 amp primary service transformers, each equipped with a Trans Voltient Surge Suppresser (TVSS), dual 2500 KVA (2000 KW) emergency generators and dual battery backup (1500 KVA) Uninterrupted Power Sources (UPS). All of these components allow the data center to have complete electrical redundancy and eliminate the possibility of an electrical shutdown.

The data center is also equipped with approximately 41,000 SF of raised access flooring, approximately twenty-eight Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) to allow for localized power at each PDU location, twenty-five self-contained Computer Room Air Condition Units (CRAC’s), both a wet pipe and preaction fire protection systems, above ceiling/below floor smoke detection and a Vesda above ceiling/below floor air sampling system for added early warning and protection against fire.

Ahold provides information research and software development for all of the Ahold business units such as Bi-Lo, Stop & Shop, Tops Markets, Giant Stores, and Superior Foods.